A small piece of land in the wild north of California, our family property was where I spent my childhood summers. Full of adventure and exploration, family and cows, this was a place of imagination. Here, the lake always spelled mischief and the campfire always promised s'mores and stories. 

We called this childhood paradise THE RANCH. 


The Ranch is where grandpa told tales late into the night and we began living them early in the morning. Ordinary lives found a place on kingly thrones, and daily tasks became epic adventures. We found we were each remarkable and our lives were distinctively fascinating. We all had something worthy to share.

I made my first movie by strapping a camera on the back of a remote-control car and driving it around my brother’s ad agency. An instant classic- at least in my mind- it was a film about ­­­­­­… nothing really. But that little experiment launched me into a relationship with creative storytelling through film and design that has brought me to The Ranch.

Danny, Rachel, Indy & Sienna

Danny, Rachel, Indy & Sienna

I’ve learned that I am drawn to the bigness of the small story: everyday people living lives of work and play, belief and friendship, joy and pain. These are the tales that inspire me, inspire us; real lives that cause real change in the world.

  • The couple whose love for each other brings grace and healing
  • The suburban woman willing to mother an orphan
  • The camp counselor that lets “kids with AIDS” just be “kids who eat gooey s’mores around a campfire”  
  • The guy who wants to brew the best beer in town
  • The dying woman who wants to tell her family she loves them
  • The poor mom who walks 20 miles to bring water to her family
  • The single dad who works 3 jobs so his kids can have a better life

I started The Ranch to help people capture and share their stories so they can be retold again and again. Let's start telling yours.